It keeps food warm

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Clothing to be worn in cold weather so important foods consumed

Cold weather, warm foods consumed, the body temperature is possible to secure . Among these nutrients to keep the body warm chocolate cakes with pekmezv by the experts recommend .
Cold in the winter to protect them from the choice of clothing , until consumed nutrients to the attention ought to be the experts, red meat, fish species , organ meats, dried beans, nuts , dried apricots , raisins, egg yolks and spinach, parsley, leeks and other green leafy vegetables , almonds and nuts for consumption is protective against the cold , he says.
At berry and grape molasses including diğerpek not varieties also body heat, to protect against cold that experts in the morning at home before leaving half tea bardağıpek not when smoking the body against the cold increases the resistance that is expressed.
Experts chocolate with margarine and cooking oil , pasta, olives and cheese consumed too frequently is proposed. Most of those affected by the cold weather very old , pregnant women , vegetarians and dieters are reminded that experts , these individuals need to be more careful against the cold , he said .