Cure for anemia in nature!

Experts explained foods used in the treatment of anemia

Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. . Yalcin Celebrity, anemiolarak named of anemia , loss of appetite, pallor , tongue burning, redness, pain , palpitations, exertional shortness of breath , dizziness , tinnitus , weakness, fatigue , nail easily broken and spoon nails, thinning hair , easy loss , irritability, and occur with symptoms such as laziness , he said.
Celebrities in these patients soil, ash, clay , coffee grounds, noting that the desire to eat . " Treatment, iron-rich foods diet is important. Iron-rich foods , the red offal ( spleen, liver ) , red meat, fish , poultry , egg yolk, shell separated from grains , molasses, dried black grapes, spinach, parsley is . " said.
Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. . Celebrity Yalcin , hemoglobin (Hb) values ​​13g/lt of the men , women 12g/lt in children by age 11 to 12 g / l to be under the ' anemia ' is considered to be said .
35 percent of women in Turkey , 50 percent of pregnant women , 20 percent of men , 40 percent of children are anemic , indicating that the uzmand . Celebrity Yalcin , gave the following information :
" Anemia is not a disease , the disease caused by it is a symptom . Red blood cells (red blood) task in the structure of hemoglobin through the lungs received from the oxygen to body tissues move, a result of metabolism in tissues composed of carbon dioxide to the lungs by moving with respiration ejected to provide. Red blood from the bone marrow is made . Hemoglobin in making iron, B12 vitamin A, folic acid, copper, calcium , zinc, cobalt, such as vitamin C agents are needed . the veins circulating red blood life is 120 days. After this period, spleen, liver, bone marrow cells by the circulation is cleared. blood construction - the destruction of the balance between production against causes reduction of anemia . "
Dr. . Celebrity Yalçın , were listed as the main mechanism causing anemia ;
Inadequate production of red blood cells . Red blood loss due to bleeding . Causes excessive destruction of red blood cells in circulation . The most common types of anemia , iron deficiency anemia ( anemia constitute about 90 percent of . ) Bleeding related ones. Vitamin B12 deficiency . Folic acid deficiency and others are aligned . "
" Involved in the making of Hb with iron deficiency anemia occurs ," said Dr. . Celebrities , 50 mgm of iron is taken with food daily , daily needs is the first MGM said.
Celebrity , " Eating a balanced and adequate , however, absorption is normal, excessive loss of iron or iron eksikliğianemi does not occur. Gastritis , surgery and gastric receiving or reducing stomach acid because it reduces iron absorption is reduced. Chronic diarrhea, colitis, hemorrhoids, gastro-intestinal ulcers , tumors , excessive menstruation , uterine tumor bleeding , pregnancy, lactation, anemia causes . " said.