Tahini and Molasses

Tahini and molasses spectacular association

Table of the inseparable duo tahini and molasses in the 1940s coincides with the beginning of the adventure . Before sugar , one of the hallmarks of the Turkish dessert sesame oil and molasses, the traditional diet of our culture for thousands of years and our taste has become one of the most important fresh food .
Tahini, cell renewing youth being a source of antidepressant task to many features , while molasses while providing energy , bone growth and health, blood -forming properties of the major factors that stand out as remarkable. Moreover, to say the benefits bitmeyentah and molasses production is the main source of products developed every day reaches out to customers without damage . It is possible for ecological agriculture . Molasses and tahini " resource conservation " as a result of the sensitivity that it deserves today continues to see the value . Due to the content of a food which is at least as valuable milk and meat as you know you're tahinherk is derived from sesame seeds . Anatolian , dense and sweet syrup and fruit , which can not be crushed if üretilenpek by boiling grape, fig or mulberry fruit is composed of .
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Seed oil , which is a nutrient , India and used as medicine for thousands of years in China sesame , cell renewal and wound closure property has quickly . Sesame is also in this sense be said to be a fountain of youth . Sesame digestion is believed to be heavy , but on the contrary, a healthy stomach and liver of these plants can digest easily . Sesame, due to its content assists in the treatment of certain nervous disorders . Thanks to high-quality protein in the content we receive vitamin B, has antidepressant properties . If high energy and minerals that are contained happiness and positively affect your sexual performance to the onset of hormones that helps .
Lowering of gallstones , shortness of breath and try to be helpful in the treatment of bronchitis with a common form of unproven benefit , though it is said in the course of the disease in question , which swings his crushed sesame seeds and sesame oil is utilized. The removal of the intestines , which helps to soften and urine tahini, unless in contact with water can be stored for a long time without spoiling .
Molasses has a feature that is accepted by everyone :
Energy . But the benefits do not stop it, of course . The importance of nutrition in the direction of molasses besides providing easy energy , with the calcium needed for bone growth and health , in which blood is rich in iron minerals . Of food energy in the body for the formation of red blood cells of the blood is supposed to be sufficient . If you need iron for blood cells are made . When iron deficient anemia is going on . Therefore, both molasses and easy source of energy from this source of energy in the body to form blood-forming material does not contain taşıyor.pek great importance , such as diarrhea, intestinal disorders mineral supplement is also useful. Also salted molasses syrup with a food that is consumed in the body also helps in the improvement of water loss .
Taha production and content of
Elimination of sesame seeds , respectively , of the separation of the bark is peeling and is then washed and dried out. Sesame oil, roasted the seeds without the additives and preservatives that "only" is obtained by crushing . Light cream color which is completely natural and fluent in the sesame oil in a food substance , 54 percent fat, 28 percent protein, and this protein is highly valued by 4 percent at the beginning of the text of the original amino acids and B vitamins come .
100 grams of a grain located at about the nutritional values ​​are listed as follows : Energy 634 kcal , total fat , 60.09 g carbohydrates, 10.52 g , Protein 25.51 g, calcium 87.71 mg, iron 6.03 g, vitamins ( B1 ) 1.08 mg , niacin 4.5 mg .
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Molasses, sweet fruits like grapes or mulberries , chewing and press the air in various forms like sour grape juice obtained by squeezing and 50-60 degrees 10 - 15 minutes is obtained by adding boiled and ground into the molasses . Dark molasses average water content decreased to 25.5 grams , the amount of 70 grams of carbohydrates involved . Does not require the digestion of carbohydrates in molasses is made up of glucose and fructose . The formation of energy emerges precisely at this point . Molasses eaten immediately after giving these sugars into the bloodstream through the energy . 400 mg of calcium per 100 grams of molasses , is around 10 mg of iron. Molasses is also a food rich in potassium ...